Spotlight on Industrial Water Filtration – Ways to save money and improve efficiency

Floquip provides you access to a wide variety of industrial water filters offering high-level performance. All filters available have been designed to maximise water filtration, reduce solid waste disposal costs, and decrease your overall expenses. Focusing on your facilities efficiency and operating costs are the two most important ways to save money. The correct filtration system can help your facility in a number of ways detailed:


Subject to the nature of your business, the wastewater produced or the cooling water reused can rapidly become contaminated by a vast range of solid waste contaminants. Whereas the majority of filter systems can remove a large proportion of contaminants in wastewater, they may not, of course, have the ability to restore the purity of the cooling water adequately. Therefore, when the filter media becomes fouled, water flow is decreased, resulting in both reduced cooling effectiveness and productivity.


Our industrial water filtration system and products will assist you by eliminating the maximum number of contaminants during each backwash cycle, notably improving water flow throughout the system and make significant improvements towards overall manufacturing efficiency and operating costs at your facility.


Numerous industrial waste filters use sand as the filtration media to remove and separate contaminants such as oil and grease from water. The on-going issue with this type of filtration is that these substances tend to create solid balls of mud from the sand media. This will then have an effect by reducing the efficiency of the filter and the flow of water throughout the whole system. This results in the need to replace filters frequently at a significant cost to the business.

Therefore, if your industrial water filters are more efficient and effective at removing contaminant particles from your water supply, your filter media is going to last a lot longer. Resulting in the fact that you will not have to replace the filter media as frequently. Another factor to consider is the cost of disposal of the filter media and by increasing its lifespan you can notably decrease your filtration costs.


By choosing a Floquip industrial water filtration systems, you can rely on the product to improve your facility’s overall efficiency and reduce your overhead operating costs as detailed above.

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