Industrial Applications: Bag or Filter Cartridge?

When working with industrial applications and in particular liquids you of course need to consider filtration and the options available to you from both bag and cartridge filters.

Fundamentally the end decision comes down to selecting the right technology to meet the demands of your plant/facility operations and of course the impact on the operating costs.

Both cartridge and bag style filters offer renewable media but ultimately the decision should be made on the application. Each of the types has their own advantages and disadvantages detailed below.

Cartridge Filters – The Lowdown

Cartridge filters trap solid contaminants on the outer surfaces of the specific filter media.  This type of filter runs the whole spectrum from low cost bonded units to the more pricey models constructed from a variety of high capacity pleated type media.

Cartridge Filters – How do they work?

This type of filter can be used for a large variety of applications where sub-micron filtration is needed. This could be chemical plants, food production facilities and of course applications where acid bases are required.  They are also perfect for pharmaceutical applications and areas where ultra-pure water filtration is needed.

Bag Filters – The Lowdown

Bag filters are frequently the favoured choice for a varied range of industrial applications.  These types of filters use a broad range of filtration media based on the required application from Nylon monofilament mesh to activated carbon.

Bag Filters – How do they work?

They perform by confining solids inside the actual bag and are deemed to be comparatively low cost form of industrial filtration.  Although, these filters have a smaller surface area than the majority of cartridge filters. The low cost of operating overall makes bag filters a good choice for small batch operations.  Where the actual cost of a self-cleaning system couldn’t be justified.  As well as the fact that small operations will not require a high turnover bag replacement leading to lower disposable cost.

Bag filtration systems are more likely to create less solid waste than cartridge, which makes them a preferred choice for applications where the user wants to reduce their volume of waste product.

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