Founded in 2003 and based in the Midlands, Floquip are the consolidation of over 20 years of pump and filtration knowledge. Representing a number of major international pump and filter manufacturers Floquip are able to provide solutions and meet the demands of industry, specifying and supplying products to meet technical and financial constraints.


RO/UV systems


We put our pumps through the paces to make sure they live up to expectations. When they leave our plant, we know they are best by test, not by guess. To the best of our knowledge, no other pump manufacturer puts every pump through such a complete battery of hydraulic, vibration and electrical tests.

A trusted supplier across many industries

Chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper, foods semiconductors, textiles, minerals.

Metal fabrication, electric/electronic equipment, computers, cleaning, pickling, plating, finishing.

Municipal and industrial chemical transfer and treatment, lift stations, pH neutralisation, filtration.

Air, water, hazardous/toxic wastes, pollution control, system design, remediation, federal/local compliance.

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