Sanitary Filtration – Options for a wide variety of industries

Sanitary filtration is used in a diverse range of applications from pharmaceuticals, water, dairy operations, sterile/gas to beer and wine processes.  The word ‘sanitary’ is a broad term that concerns health or to the safeguarding of health.

A sanitary filter is both built and designed in a fashion where it deters the growth and spread of bacteria. The housing of the filters are assembled using materials such as electro-polished stainless steel alloys that can easily be cleaned to avert the contamination of the end product.

Durability of Filtration

To safeguard the durability of your process, Floquip can provide NSF certified housings and cartridges that will always comply with your quality regulations and needs without exceptions.

The sanitary filtration process is of paramount importance. It necessitates a product that can execute effectively to comply with demanding performance systems and regulatory needs.

Diverse and wide range of filtration options

Floquip has access to a diverse and wide range of different filter media. These are available to you in various configurations.

Whether you need sub-micron absolute ratings to a higher micron range for coarse levels of filtration or, if your process / application is a high volume flow application with a high solids loading.  We have the ability to design a system that would be able to filter and reduce contamination level to 1500 micron pore size down to a polishing stage of 0.5um or less.

We’re confident to have the sanitary application requirements for whatever industry your work in and we ill work together with you to understand your needs, however complex and provide solutions for multiple filtration options, ensuring that they comply with the safety and quality of the end product.